We live local

We are experienced property consultants who know and love the Queenstown area like no one else. Jack’s Point specialists, we live and breathe the neighbourhood, with exclusive partnerships giving us access to beautiful homes and exciting new developments afoot in the region.

Whether you are looking for the perfect home or investment or seeking to find a new owner for your property, we’re here to support you throughout the process.

Your partners

Willie Baddeley

As a property industry veteran, I have extensive hands-on experience both personal and professional. After two decades living locally,

I’m a Queenstown insider with a trove of insight and have built strong connections across the sector, from legal, valuation, planning, surveying, architecture and design, to engineering, landscape design and construction. I help clients navigate every consideration to achieve their property dreams.

Julia Franklin

Always going above and beyond, I get results by deeply understanding my clients’ needs.

A Jack’s Point original settler, I’m a local of over 15 years. Having sold properties in exclusive areas like Millbrook and Jack’s Point, I really get what makes Queenstown so special to live and invest in, and I love helping others share in all that our beautiful region offers.

Led by experienced property consultants Willie Baddeley and Julia Franklin, Falconer Real Estate is a New Zealand company specialising in residential, commercial and commercial-leasing properties.

With a philosophy that embraces a sense of place and vision for the future. Falconer Real Estate are proud to present a portfolio of homes that prioritises aesthetics and liveability, embracing the natural landscape unique to Queenstown to ensure an inherently harmonious lifestyle.